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We travel through the mangrove channeled backcountry to see clean unspoiled nature. Kick back, relax, look down into the emerald waters, put down the phone and take it in. 


We brought along the gear. Try looking into the mangrove roots and see all the life. It is a nursery of young fish waiting for their ability to travel to bigger waters. 

Personal Events: 

Anniversaries, birthdays and life milestones are meant to be celebrated. Let us help make it special for your friend. 


If you are looking to fill the freezer or catch that big trophy you are looking at the wrong guy. But if you want to feel a tug on your line, Watch your kids giggle and wide eyed catching fish the size of your foot. You are in the right place. We set out a block of chum in the channel, bait up some hooks and feel the jerk and bend in the rod. When the chum melts away it is time to pull anchor up and off to another adventure. 

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Eco Tours

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Personal Events

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